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i am forever amazed with human relationships and how they grow from nothing, or evolve into something completely different without you even realizing until it’s just there, in your face, throwing itself at you saying “look at me! look at me!” and then you couldn’t ignore it if you tried. or how outside forces like distance between two bodies or time between conversations can change the inside forces like love and admiration and how confidence can turn into fear and how closing your eyes and having one dream is enough time for everything to change and can you get it all back? these thoughts are malignant growths forming from knots in your belly making their way into your brain until you can’t hold a conversation or concentrate on anything but this overbearing realization of change and just hold out hope that this change is fluid enough that things can also go back to the way they were or that they can grow into something even better than before

be very mindful of what you say when you’re in a long distance relationship because words are all that you have

you know that moment after spending a week sharing your bed with your girlfriend, going grocery shopping, cooking dinners, cuddling, having deep conversations and amazing sex, talking to the dogs together, staring into each other’s eyes knowing that this girl, she’s going to be the one you’ll be staring at with the same adoration years from now, and that moment when you come home, and she’s 300 miles away and your bed looks flat and dull and everything feels so lifeless without her, i don’t want these moments anymore

listening to le tigre all day before my job interview because what else would i be doing

cuddling with my pup watching wedding singer knowing i will see my girlfriend in a day and a half and then we are going to new orleans with our best friends and we get to spend a whole week together sleeping next to each other and exploring a new city and i am in love and happy and i can’t believe that this is my real life

nothing makes me more more emotional than the devil and god are raging inside me

"I love you down to your bones."

- Katheryn, 6/12/14.